Torta Caprese (Chocolate Almond Torte) Recipe

Torta Caprese (Chocolate Almond Torte)

A cross between a chocolate mousse and a cake. Lusciously moist and a sinful chocolate taste in every bite. There is no flour at all in it, just ground almonds and chocolate. An all-time favorite recipe of mine from the island of Capri near Naples, Italy. I serve it with crème fraîche, Mascarpone, or vanilla ice cream.

Quince Compote Recipe

Quince Compote

A rather time-intensive recipe, that’s why you rarely see it on restaurant menus. Quinces are very hard and it takes a lot of effort to peel them with a sharp knife. If you do quince paste it’s worthwhile to try your hand on quince compote, killing two birds or rather two quinces at the same time.

Fig and Almond Cake Recipe

Fig and Almond Cake

A soft cake with a consistency close to a clafoutis, a good choice for an afternoon tea or coffee. This delightful recipe is known as Moelleux aux Figues Fraiches et aux Amandes, a summer favorite from the Provence when the figs are ripe and bursting with flavor.

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