Apple Ginger Cake

A cake that is pure comfort and joy. Dense and moist, studded with candied ginger and topped with a honey and apple brandy glaze. A perfect dessert for any occasion.

Philadelphia Cheesecake

A simple cake which is always a winner no matter what occasion. Impressive, yet easy. Let it ripen in the fridge overnight and up to 3 days. The taste will improve tremendously.

Giant Chocolate Brownie

This quick and easy brownie will let you have it all – ready in 20 minutes and only two dishes to wash.

Apricot Compote

I love apricots, they herald the summer. The challenge is finding juicy apricots in your local market. This quick compote can be served with ice cream or Crème Fraiche as an elegant dessert.

Apricot Tart

Try to find the ripest apricots in your local market They should have a deep orange flesh and a red blush on the skin. Avoid unripe ones. This tart is all about flavor!

Quince Paste

Quince is an old-fashioned but dearly loved fruit with Provence traditionalists. Quince paste is one of the 13 sweets of the traditional Provence Christmas. It combines well with cheese and is a delicious addition to breakfast.

Poached Pears in Red Wine Syrup

A savory dessert option for an elegant dinner. This recipe maximises the pears natural sweetness. For added drama, I fill the core holes with a scoop of vanilla ice cream using a melon baller as a measure to form the balls.

Baked Figs with Greek Yogurt

Ripe figs are naturally sweet and do not need a lot of embellishments. For a dessert dish like this one, you can bake the figs and add a bit of honey, cinnamon and serve it with Greek strained yogurt.

Nectarine Gratin

Nectarines are firmer than peaches and do not need to be peeled, a bonus when preparing this dish. They are great when baked or grilled.

Almond Plum Tart

Torta de Ameixas e Amêndoas, a lovely recipe from the Confeitaria Tavi in Oporto. The original recipe uses fresh plums or apricots in season, but it works equally well with dried ones. Serve with Crème Fraîche.