Polenta Pancakes

Crispy outside and creamy inside. Delicious as a side dish or served “solo” with a choice of topping. Whatever strikes your fancy.

Spinach with Caramelized Onions

Caramelizing onions is simple but demands patience and not straying too far from the stovetop. The reward is an intensely sweet flavored onion that brightens up this spinach dish.

Roasted Rosemary Fingerlings

Fingerlings are low starch potatoes that somewhat resemble fingers. Hence the name. They have a creamy and almost sweet taste that pairs well with grilled meats or fish. One of my favorite potatoes.

Potato Arugula Puffs

Leftover mashed potatoes can still be trilling if shaped in cakes. The addition of arugula peppery flavor adds quite an interesting note to this old favorite.

Asparagus and Scallion Flans

Asparagus flan is a dressed up asparagus dish sure to be an eye-catcher as a starter, a light vegetarian option or a side option for a festive occasion.

Champignons a la Grecque

A perfect dish for a great appetizer or sidekick to grilled meats. A softly poached egg on top will crown the flavors and transform an appetizer in a real “fast food” option accompanied by a crusty bread.