Go Flexitarians !

Being a Flexitarian is about reducing meat consumption and elevating vegetables and fruits from its current supporting role. It’s about prioritizing veggie-rich dishes. 

Reducing meat consumption is good for one’s health and good for the environment. Meat, especially red meat, is sustainability’s major enemy as it uses an extraordinary amount of scarce food resources.

As I don’t have a lot of time during the week I enjoy my passion – testing new recipes – during weekends. Great food with a decent amount of spices and interesting techniques give me a special kick. I rely on the many traditional dishes you find in the Mediterranean (on both sides of the sea) and Asian cuisines, which have been ‘flexitarian’ for many centuries. Adapting these to modern times and crossing borders is the secret.

Gone are the times of ‘casseroles’ and ‘simple but honest’ cooking. Slabs of meat and veggie  casseroles baked and enriched with some sort of tasteless sauce is nothing to be proud of. To attach the label ‘honest’ is disingenuous. It’s quite often a lame embellishment for uneventful cooking. 

I wanted to create a food and recipe blog which is minimalist in design and easy to navigate. An online cookbook for me, my friends, and anyone who shares my love of interesting yet sustainable food, and happens to find this little blog in the vast internet universe.

The Flexitarian Kitchen blog has no ads, no product sponsoring, no BS. It is my contribution to healthier and more sustainable eating. Please connect to The Flexitarian Kitchen on Pinterest.