Noire de Caromb Fig

Noire de Caromb Fig

The “Noire de Caromb”, the dark Caromb fig is a very sweet, juicy fig that is firm when it is ripe. It”s much sought after in France during the summer. The first crop, in July, is a larger fig that is long and dark red outside and red inside. The second crop, in September, is more round and dark purple outside and red inside.

Ultra-processed Products now half of all UK Family Food Purchases

Ultra-processed products now half of all UK family food purchases

Another excellent article in the Guardian yesterday: “The study of 19 European countries is published this month in a special issue of the journal Public Health Nutrition. It shows that UK families buy more ultra-processed food than any others in Europe, amounting to 50.7% of the diet. Germany comes second, at 46.2% and then Ireland on 45.9%. “

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