Catfish with Mojo Verde Recipe

Catfish with Mojo Verde

This dish from Spain combines the catfish with Mojo Verde, the cilantro and caper sauce originally from the Canary Islands. This dish goes well with small new potatoes, boiled or slightly roasted, and a green salad.

Moroccan Seafood Tagine Recipe

Moroccan Seafood Tagine

This mouth-watering seafood dish from Morocco is full of flavors and colors – as they say, “the eye eats before the mouth”. Accompanied by Couscous and Chermoula it is a sure bet with our friends.

Mussels à la Marseillaise Recipe

Mussels à la Marseillaise

Moules à la Marseillaise, a traditional Provençal recipe from the port city of Marseille. Marseille food is rich in tomatoes, herbs, and olive oil a deference to the Italian and Spanish immigration in the South of France.

Sardine and Potato Bake Recipe

Sardine and Potato Bake

The combination of sardines and potatoes is much reflective of the old times “Cucina Povera” (the poor’s kitchen) of Italy. Simple and cheap ingredients turned into a much satisfying meal.

Brandade de Morue Recipe Recipe

Brandade de Morue

Salt Cod and Potato Purée, a classic dish from the Provence. In the Provencal language “brandar” means to stir and “morue” means codfish in French.

Andouille and Shrimp Stew Recipe

Andouille and Shrimp Stew

An adaption of the traditional Louisiana gumbo made with okra, roux and filé powder. My version with lima beans – I absolutely love them – and shrimps are soul food without the heaviness.

Salt Cod with Leeks Recipe

Salt Cod with Leeks

Baccalà con i Porri is a well known and dearly loved Italian recipe. Salted and dried codfish is an old-fashioned food that has outlived this form of preservation. Salted cod could be stored for long periods and transported easily.

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